PubPlus Launches Research Arm, Helps Publishers Maximize Profits

Revenue attribution platform PubPlus is launching a new research arm called PubPlus Lab.

It aims to support publishers on emerging platforms in a “post-organic” landscape and strategize new ways to diversity revenue and grow scale.

According to the company, participants in the lab will have access to a workshop about PubPlus’s publishing operation and R&D capabilities, including expert staff and machine-learning forecasting tools. Revenue attribution analysts help PubPlus clients maximize efficiency and profits.

In addition, clients can take advantage of patented models for best practices in profitable publishing.

Publishers operating in the paid social and native publishing space have seen social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, become less reliable sources of revenue and traffic.

“Because of what we’ve learned, our clients are positioned for the best possible business outcomes, by extending their reach and their programs well beyond the orthodox, organic means they’ve typically used to generate revenue,” Gil Bar-Tur, CEO- founder of PubPlus.



“We are helping them realize the deep importance of publishing revenue diversification — and to realize even more significant gains in the future.”

“Strategic, well diversified paid content distribution is mandatory for success today,” stated Bar-Tur.

Earlier this fall, Snapchat selected PubPlus as a SnapChat Ads Partner.

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