Family-Friendly Content Dominates Facebook's Most-Viewed Videos

Supporting Facebook’s sharper focus of lighter programming, family-friendly fare dominated its list of most-viewed videos this year.

That’s according to a new report from Pex, which specializes in video and music analytics and rights management services.

The success of lifestyle-oriented videos represents something of a change for Facebook’s most-viewed videos, which is often a grab bag of vaguely general interest content.

“This year’s list suggests the viewing habits on the platform have settled in considerably, finding a clear content groove,” Amadea Choplin, Chief Operations Officer at Pex, notes in the new report.

Making for a less PG-rated environment, meanwhile, Kylie Jenner’s videos dominated Instagram’s most-viewed list this year.

The provocatively styled Jenner-Kardashian spawn occupied six of the Top 10 video spots on Instagram in 2019, and dominated the discussion on the site, too.

“The Jenner domination on Instagram hints at the power of influencers on the platform, in particular well-heeled, long-standing influencer powerhouses like the Jenner/Kardashians,” Choplin contends.

In 2019, the friendliest platform for brands appeared to be Twitter, judging by its Top 10 most-viewed video list.

Specifically, videos from Apple, HBO, Coke, and Amazon took top honors in Twitter this year.

However, unbranded contents -- like that from Mariah Carey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- generated more discussion and sharing on Twitter, 2019.

“This suggests that paying for spots to post on Twitter might lead to high eyeball counts, but doesn’t necessarily lead to deeper engagement,” according to Choplin.

As with most years, meanwhile, music videos dominated YouTube’s Top-10 most-viewed video chart.

It’s also worth noting that no single video dominated more than one social network this year.

“This reflects the fact that ‘going viral’ and acquiring a lot of views, does not mean winning across all social media,” Choplin concludes. “Each platform and its community seem to support a distinct flavor of content.”
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