A Kiss Is Just A Kiss - Even In A TV Wedding Ad

So a network pulls a TV commercial because a conservative pressure group doesn’t like two women kissing in a wedding-service TV commercial?

This is what Crown Media’s Hallmark Channel did to the wedding-service company Zola. This comes in a world where many networks have also run the spot without incident and same-sex marriages are legal in the U.S.

But the hard part to fathom is the hypocrisy. Crown Media’s parent company, Hallmark Inc., which makes greeting cards, not only sells LGBTQ greeting cards, but features LGBTQ couples in Hallmark Cards TV commercials!

Hallmark Channel’s original thinking might have been: “Well, we are still running other commercials from Zola. So pulling one commercial can’t be all that bad. Right?” Wrong.



TV networks do — as they proclaimed in the past — have the right to decline advocacy commercials or TV spots that spout blatant falsehoods and lies. (Political advertising creatives, are you listening?)

Unfortunately, some TV networks might think — as Hallmark Channel originally reasoned in a statement — that anything “controversial” in a TV commercial means it deserves the heave-ho.

But what exactly was “controversial” here?

Is eating a beef hamburger versus a plant-based burger controversial? How about a real-scary horror movie trailer when children might see it? Highlighting serious-cancer issues in TV commercials — with worried patients (actors, or real-life) — can be way more disturbing. Maybe that’s controversial.

Was there a massive falsehood in any wedding-service TV commercial -- such as suggesting a license isn't needed to marry?

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg tweeted about this: “Families are built on love — no matter what they look like.” Amen.

Hallmark and Crown Media are now looking to make amends. But this begs the question: What principles do some TV networks observe when it comes to modern-day marketers? Whatever those things are, they may not be married to them.

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  1. Rocky Kurland from The Magazine Guys, December 18, 2019 at 2:40 p.m.

    You are right on spot here Wayne, what principles does the media or even bigger question does this country pretend to have? They have changed over the years and depending on the side of the street you stand on we are either better for it or worse off. I personally could have stood for Crown Medias stance before, because they took one, not because it was right or wrong. The waffleling because of social pressure makes me question the reason for the stance. Was the change bacause they saw the bottom line drying up? the all mighty dollar is killing the principles of this country and the media industry is promoting that thinking.  

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