Dish Media Gives Marketers Extended Reach With Addressable TV

Dish Media Sales, the advertising unit of Dish Network and Sling TV, has started a new “reach” product that can extend a national linear campaign for TV marketers by identifying additional TV homes with an “addressable” TV campaign on Dish and Sling TV.

Dish says the new product, called Reach Booster, looks to capitalize on plateauing -- or in some cases declining -- national TV linear reach.

Dish believes this will help to resolve the frequency issues around national linear TV.

Kevin Arrix, senior vp of Dish Media, tells Television News Daily: “Frequency also becomes an issue in heavy viewing homes versus light viewing homes. Heavy viewing homes are inevitably going to see the ad more often than a light viewing home.” With the reach product, Dish helps find homes that are initially missed or not served enough by the initial campaign.



Dish says that one consumer-packaged goods brand it worked with used Reach Booster to extend its initial 58% reach -- of a national linear TV ad campaign on Dish and Sling TV platforms -- to 86% by expanding the campaign to include an additional 1.8 million new households across both platforms, which had not previously seen the ad, using addressable TV technology.

In another example, a luxury automaker’s initial national linear TV campaign schedule rose from 46% to 74%, adding 1.6 million new households that had not previously seen the ad with an addressable media buy.

Dish Media said it delivered more than 3,000 household-level addressable campaigns since 2012, and introduced cross-platform addressable TV on Dish Network and its virtual pay TV provider, Sling TV, in 2017.

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