Agencies Showcase Skills With Season's Greetings Projects

Agencies are releasing their holiday greetings. This year, many projects are designed to showcase their core expertise. 

Moxie’s holiday card generator emphasizes its audience identification capabilities by sending an appropriate message to a specific audience through the most applicable platforms. With more than 260 unique creative assets, the platform will send a TikTok video to young Gen Zers while a card printout is likely to appeal to Baby Boomers. More on the project can be seen here.

MCD Partners’ “card’ is an interactive game asking users to guess the year’s various cultural moments in a sequence of emojis that best represent the highs and lows for the past 12 months. 



MDC agency Colle McVoy’s interactive experience seeks to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Agency clients and friends received a holiday mailer of four letter-pressed coasters that can double as tree ornaments. Recipients with an AR smartphone can visit to “bring the animals to life.” App users are also encouraged to donate to the WWF.

Havas New York’s technologically-savvy The You Log requires users to scan the QR Code to reveal a holiday message shown on a retro TV set.

Continuing with the retro theme, the VIA Agency is serving up nostalgia with its homespun online game where the hero seeks to battle snow and rooftops to make it home for the holidays.

Team One’s annual tree hit a high mark with a “Wish Tree’ comprised of 400+ floating origami figures, representing each Team One employee. There are four types of origami, such as cranes representing longevity to fish signaling contentment.

The Gate I New York sent 3,500 clients and friends gingerbread treats which resemble agency staffers. The shop also switched out its profiles on its website with their gingerbread avatars.

Tierney is making mouths water with its dessert-centric holiday cookbook. Employees submitted their favorite holiday recipes, with the top 10 entries ranging from Pinky’s Brownies and Lemon Bars to Jingle Balls and the curiously named Dirt from social media strategist Henry Grant.

Red Tettemer O’Connell & Partners wrote and illustrated a holiday “The year Advertising Saved Christmas" storybook telling the classic tale of two sides seeing things differently but finding common ground in eggnog. Recipients were also gifted an iconic red hat that will be sure to spark double takes with “Make Advertising Great Again” message. 



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