Project X Unveils Advanced OOH Analytics Suite

Out-of-home media agency Project X has unveiled a new interactive analytics suite that the firm says is more advanced than other analytics packages in the OOH space and comparable to those provided by internet advertising leaders like Google and Facebook. It will be available to clients in  early 2020.

The technology underlying the dashboard, developed in house by the company’s team of software engineers relies on API integrations with various data providers including Geopath, creator of the OOH industry’s standard for campaign measurement.

Custom integrations with first-party data sets, brand lift studies and other measurement methodologies are also available.

Clients will be able to access their personalized dashboards at any time, from any device, once their OOH campaigns have gone live. Historical data will be accessible as it accumulates over time.

“Today’s advertisers are hyper-attuned to ROI,” said Project X CEO, John Laramie. While search and social have provided the ability to track ad dollars in near real time, “Out-of-Home hasn’t been able to provide anything close to that level of visibility, and it’s held the medium back because it’s what modern marketers have come to expect.”



Laramie asserts that the new dashboard was developed “so that our clients can evaluate their campaigns the same way they do for Google or Facebook. We think this will help make OOH more accountable, and thus a bigger part of brands’ omnichannel marketing strategies moving forward.”


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