CTV To See Sharp Q3 Gains Versus Other Digital Platforms For Video

Although the U.S. TV/video advertising market is expected to see a decline next year overall, connected TV continues to show big gains versus other platforms when it comes to advertising views with premium video content.

Comcast’s FreeWheel unit says connected TV witnessed 110% year-over-year growth in the number of advertising views in the third quarter of this year. CTV now comprises a 56% share of all premium video advertising views.

By way of comparison, digital mobile posted a 16% rise in the third quarter versus the same period a year ago with a 14% share -- while set-top box video-on-demand was up 13% with a 15% share and desktop grew 7%, also to a 15% share.

Total third-quarter premium video ad view growth is up 46%, with content viewing 37% higher.

FreeWheel says 50% of connected TV’s ad views are from live programming, while 47% are from full episodes longer than five minutes.

The majority of mobile web ad views -- 55% -- are from video clips up to five minutes in length. The mobile web also sees 27% of ad views from full episodes longer than five minutes and 18% from live programming.



Desktop’s premium video has 42% of ad views from live programming, 43% from full episodes, and 15% from video clips.

While there is digital video growth, overall U.S. ad spending on video is projected to decline next year.

Earlier this year, in an interview, Brian Wieser, global president, business intelligence of GroupM, said: “We are forecasting underlying decline in [U.S.] television, excluding political advertising, of around 2% in 2020. That includes connected TV. That includes over-the-top. That includes other forms of premium content-related advertising.”

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