Newsday: The Email Gift That Never Stops Giving

Newsday is a fine publication, and I used to buy it on newsstands to read Murray Kempton’s column.

But Kempton has been gone a long time, and on Nov. 11 of this year, I unsubscribed because Newsday was barraging me with emails once and sometimes twice a day, several days a week. 

As I noted at the time, I have never subscribed to the paper, and have little interest in the “News, Sports, Things to do” of Long Island. It’s possible I gave them my email address to access content at some point, but I don’t remember it.

To its credit, Newsday stopped emailing me immediately when I unsubscribed. But it resumed on Dec. 6 with this offering, apparently for local advertisers: 

Holiday Deal: A FLURRY Of Savings Inside

I thought it was a one-off, but it wasn’t. From there, it proceeded with a vengeance: 

Saturday, Dec. 7 

Brrr-ave the cold & get a great deal on Newsday



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Things have continued on a daily basis right up through the last week:

Wednesday, Dec. 18 

A deal just for you: 4 WEEKS of access 

Rock out with Badfish, a tribute to Sublime. 

Thursday, Dec. 19 

Holiday deal—You’re getting warmer 

Friday, Dec. 20 

Give the gift of unlimited craft beer tasting 

Huge Holiday Savings Inside

Saturday, Dec. 21

Don’t miss these stories this Sunday! 

Sunday, Dec. 22

Winter-Ready Saving: 4 weeks FREE

Monday, Dec. 23 

That’s a wrap: Big holiday sale ends tonight 

There’s still time to get the perfect gift 


You’d think that Newsday’s algorithms would detect that  I’m not a candidate after months of non-response. And I’m certainly not interested in offerings by local businesses, although Newsday is apparently continuing to sell me to those outfits as part of its circulation.

Worse, the paper is non-compliance with CAN-SPAM for failing to truly opt me out.

Well, no hard feelings — anyone can screw up. But my inbox is way too cluttered.

So I’m opting out again. 

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