Presidential Candidates Bloomberg, Steyer Continue To Spend Big On National TV Advertising

Democratic presidential candidates Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, still way down in the polls, are continuing to spend big over the last month when it comes to TV advertising.

The Tom Steyer 2020 campaign has spent $17.3 million on national/regional TV commercials, while the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign has spent $13.8 million for the period from Nov. 26 through Dec. 25, according to

The media research company counts 16 different creatives for Steyer, totaling some 3,836 airings of those commercials, with Bloomberg at five creatives and 960 airings.  

Steyer announced his candidacy in July 2019 after resigning from backing a “Need To Impeach” campaign. Bloomberg entered the race in November -- late among Democratic candidates, according to analysts. In the near term, Bloomberg intends to spend some $37 million.

Over the last two months -- Oct. 24 through Dec. 24 -- Steyer and Bloomberg have dominated all national TV spending. Steyer has spent $29.4 million, while Bloomberg has spent $15.2 million. The Donald Trump for President campaign has spent $552,571, and Pete Buttigieg’s Pete for America campaign has spent $119,774.



Overall during the period, $45.6 million has been spent on national/regional TV.

Bloomberg, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll conducted on Dec. 16, is getting 7% of the vote among Democratic and independent voters, with Steyer at 1%.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads all Democratic candidates with 30%.

Over the last two months, the biggest shows in terms of impressions of all political ads were the major TV news programs: “ABC World News Tonight,” “CBS This Morning,” “NBC Nightly News,” CBS’ “60 Minutes,” “CBS Evening News” and NBC’s “Today.”

But in terms of estimates for TV spending, entertainment spending is high on the list.

CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” came in at $2.18 million (30 airings), followed by CBS’ “Late Late Show with James Corden” with $1.7 million (30 airings); NBC’s “The Voice,” $1.4 million (7 airings); NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” $1.3 million (14 airings); and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at $900,000, (17 airings).

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  1. Ken Kurtz from creative license, December 26, 2019 at 4:04 p.m.

    Doesn't matter who spends what, as long as they identify as "D."

    Considering the self-inflicted damage the left has imposed on its own party, I'm not sure that a conglomeration candidate called John F. Carter Clinton Barack (with all the best of those four rolled up into one candidate) would be able to overcome, regardless of how much money was pissed into the wind.

    Too much Democratic garbage under the bridge, and floating downstream for a Dem to be elected in 2020. Too many people that would have NEVER considered voting for Trump are now not only willing to vote for him next year, but are SWEARING they'll vote for him because of the antics of the left. It might be another decade, or two, before this country will forget the disingenuousness, and hypocrisy of the left, and allow a Dem to become President.

    Bloomberg would be better suited challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, and that ain't saying much.

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