Turkish Telecom Debuts Email Service

Turkcell, the Turkish telecom and cloud storage platform, has launched an email service: YaaniMail. 

The offering is "part of a larger effort to ensure Turkey’s data is hosted in Turkey,” statesAtac Tansug, vice president of digital services and solutions at Turkcell. 

However, Turkcell also plans to offer through its “broad digital services and solutions portfolio to other telecom operators in the world,” to help them become digital operators, Tansug adds. 

Corporate customers will benefit from the licensing fees in local currency, the company claims.

Turkcell has set a goal of pulling 2 million registered users by the end of 2020. 

The service includes mail and calendar features. 

YaaniMail is integrated with Turkcell’s cloud storage platform Lifebox and authentication service Fast Login, the company says. Users can access personal emails without consuming data, the firm says.

In addition, YaaniMail can be downloaded on iOS Store, Android Store and browsers, the firm continues.  




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