Trump Pence 2020 Goes Direct-To-Voters For Campaign Strategy

Trump Pence 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale went direct-to-voters this morning in an email campaign soliciting them to “help craft our 2020 strategy.”

The email, which is part of the campaigns standard fund-raising tactics, also included a survey asking supporters some open-ended questions such as which states it should “focus our resources in,” as well as a series of yes/no questions including whether the campaign should recruit more volunteers, whether campaign rallies are “effective,” and whether the campaign should spend more on TV or online ads.



“I’m meeting with President Trump at the end of the week to go over our 2020 strategy,” Parscale writes, adding, “and he’s asked that I get the input of a few trusted Republican leaders, like YOU, before I put together the final memo that he’ll read.”

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