What Do La-Z-Boy, Breitbart And Kohler's New Smart Toilet Have In Common?

Ten Most Read Stories Of 2019:

La-Z-Boy Taps Kristen Bell, Ditches Brooke Shields
Conservative News Site 'Breitbart' Continues Downward Slide, Fox News Maintains Dominance
MSNBC Ascends In TV News Trust: Fox News, 'Trump' Plummet
New Amsterdam's Pink Whitney Vodka: Brand-New Way To Get Pucked-Up
Influencer Marketing Has Peaked -- Here's What's Next
Audi Teams With Marvel Studios For 'Avengers: Endgame'
The Washington Examiner' Continues To Attract Record Audience Numbers
Adult Websites Top Visits From Mobile Devices
Jeffersons,' 'All In The Family' Caught Up In Remake Mania
Kohler's New Smart Toilet Earns CES Sitting Ovation

They are the subjects of the most-read stories on MediaPost in 2019.



Why a story about La-Z-Boy Dropping Brooke Shields and replacing her with Kristen Bell as its campaign spokeslounger was No. 1, only the viral gods will know, but it is noteworthy that not one conventionally wonky inside industry story made the top 10 list, including none about a major ad agency or holding company.

Curiously, three of the top 10 were stories about conservative media outlets, including Breitbart's slide from user traffic grace, MSNBC's ascendance, as well as The Washington Examiner's.

Other most-read stories of the year included:

Tesla Most-Googled Car Brand By Americans

Subaru Establishes 'National Make A Dog's Day'

'Big Bang Theory' Finale May Be Last Of Its Kind

'Lohan's Beach Club' Not A Very Nice Place To Visit

Volkswagen Supports Teachers During Sales Event

The top agency-related story -- Top Media Buyers Allege Networks Lied -- And Stole From Them -- In Last Year's Upfront -- ranked as the 17th most-read of the year.

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