Slack Still Critical Of Email: Report

Slack made headlines last year by predicting that it would kill email within a decade. 

That timeline doesn’t seem to be on track. But the company appears to be persisting in its view of email, judging by comments made by co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Cal Henderson to The Sydney Morning Herald

"We have been using email in the workplace for 30 or 40 years and a lot of what we think about how we communicate is dictated by the shape of the tools," Henderson says.

He continues: "It’s not like email was designed to be used in the way and at the scale of how we use it at the moment. It is really a digitisation of the office memo. There is a lot of formality and structure behind it for a tool that you use to communicate with people ... every day."

For instance, the need for a subject line, salutation and sign off is "a lot of infrastructure," Henderson adds.

One big problem is that people both email and use Slack, doubling up on the messaging.

For its part, Slack has 85,000 users worldwide and $US400 million in 2019 revenue. But it is still not profitable, generating a loss of $US138 million.  




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