Mailchimp Is Bananas: Firm Posts Big Email Numbers

Did someone say Mailchimp was moving beyond the email business?

You wouldn’t know it by the numbers. In its first annual report since 2016, Mailchimp reveals that it sent 340,401,755,324 emails in 2019 -- 10,794 emails every second. And it claims it has a 60.51% share of the email industry, versus 9.52% for its nearest competitor. 

That includes 8,778,853,528 emails sent over Thanksgiving weekend, generating $4.5 billion in orders, according to the report released Tuesday morning. 

Clients sent emails in 55 different languages. The five most common were English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese. Of the company’s paid users, 53% are outside the U.S. 

In addition, clients generated 2 million landing pages. In addition, they have 4 billion unique email addresses.

Granted, this report is promotional. It does not mention any issues and we don't see a revenue number, although the firm has publicly stated that its 2019 revenue totaled $700 million. But it does point to a robust email market in general, and the firm is committed to the channel. 



“Our goal is to provide a robust and easy-to-use holistic marketing platform for growing businesses, and that includes email," says Darcy Kurtz, VP of product marketing for Mailchimp. "With over 340B emails sent by our users last year, email is still at the core of what we do. We’re continuing to enhance our email offerings and bringing the entire marketing suite in one place with our platform, so small businesses can optimize their data to better market to their audiences and grow.”

On a light note, there were 6,476,892,004 heart eyes emojis included in the subject lines.

Also, customers sent 7,860 emails referencing the Eurovision song competition, 63,503 for Lizzo’s Truth Hurts and 10,554 “joy-sparking emails” mentioning Marie Kondo.

Another 20,986 emails mentioned the World Cup-winning Women’s National Soccer Team.

There 3.5 billion tags created by clients, and 41,303,501,405 impressions of Mailchimp’s email badge.

Of course, the company is channel-agnostic in its services — it handled 5,476,608 multichannel campaigns last year and added 41 new features to its Marketing Platform.

The firm claims that 839.5 million e-commerce orders were generated via its platforms. It has over 12 million customers and stores 2.47 petabytes of data.

Mailchimp also moved into the content business, presenting seven films, three podcasts, three scripted series, two scripted comedy series and one animated service. These generated 1.549,843 views or downloads, the report says.

Patricia Arquette gave the firm a shout out at the Emmys, saying, "Go Mailchimp." And the company employees are a committed bunch — 250 marched in the Atlanta Pride Parade. 

And while this is subjective, it doesn’t sound like a bad place to work.

On Halloween, 232 kids trick-or-treated at Mailchimp headquarters in Atlanta. And the company’s rooftop beehives produced 40 pounds of honey.

There were 275 hires, and the firm has 1,125 employees in five offices. But there $203,000 in community grants made by the Mailchimp College Cohort.

The firm says it has over 12 million customers, and it stores 2.47 petabytes of data.

Overall, the firm had 74 interns from around the country. Three Clayton State Launchpad students were hired as interns and 1 as a full-time employee.

The company is hiring — you can apply in Atlanta. Don’t rustle the beehives. 

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