New Tool Allows Brands To Provide Anonymity To Shoppers

DeCloak Intelligences, Inc. has debuted a tool that it says renders consumers anonymous while allowing brands to target them based on behavior.

The behavioral data can still be collected, but it no longer can be linked to an individual, putting users in compliance with GDPR, the company claims.

The goal is to prevent weaponizing or other misuse of personal information, DeCloak adds.

The tool could presumably help email marketers who are trying to comply with regulations while sending personalized communications. 

The solution was built using hardware-embedded algorithms called PPU (Privacy Processing Unit). These algorithms can be used as an external dongle or an IC aimed at a smartphone or other personal device.

The algorithms can also be applied on large data collections and can help ISPs, SaaS, healthcare and other industries where data security is critical, the firm says. 

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