Agari Strengthens Email Security Tools With Scam Data

Agari has enhanced its Secure Email Cloud service with several Winter ’20 updates, including new compromise indicator data, the company announced on Friday. 

The upgrade will help clients “outsmart email scammers by feeding human-curated compromise data obtained during active engagements with email fraudsters into our solutions,” states Ramon Peypoch, chief product officer, Agari.

Peypoch adds that thanks to the updates, users will be “notified of emerging attacks faster and can root out threats that have been lurking covertly in their employee inboxes, reducing business risks.” 

Agari says it can predict emerging threat patterns and retroactively remove bad emails from users’ inboxes. 

According to Agari, the enhancements also help protect complex email architectures, including hybrid Microsoft Office 365, from social-engineered identity-deception attacks.

In addition, Agari is launching an app that it says provides a single view of phishing threats. It is available through the ServiceNow store. 

The company’s mission is to “protect digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil,” states Armen Najarian, chief identity officer for Agari.


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