Edison Mail Launches Email Mailbox Tool For Mac Desktops

Email marketers, be advised: Edison Mail has launched its mailbox management tool for consumers, previously available on iOS and Android, to Mac computers. 

The app is being offered only to Edison Mail users. 

The company says millions of users have requested a desktop version.

In addition, email “power users” can also reduce eye strain with Dark Mode and Swipe Gestures to quickly move through email, it says.

Edison Mail for Mac can be used with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud and other services. 

In a related development, Edison has unveiled a new version of its app for iOS and Android featuring Assistant, a feature that is used to preview upcoming meetings, travel, bills, missed calendar invitations, and forgotten subscriptions, the company continues. 

Edison cites research from Adobe showing that U.S. consumers spend up 5.6 hours per day checking email, including 2.5 hours on personal email and 3.1 hours on work email. The company says they need a streamlining tool.

Marketers will thus be confronted with another inbox management tool that can prevent their emails from being opened and read. 

One way around this is to engender trust by using BIMI (Brand indicators for Message Identification), a security standard that allows brands with DMARC protection to display their logos in email subject lines.




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