'Business Insider' CEO Sets 5-Year Subscription, Staff Targets

Business Insidercofounder-CEO Henry Blodget has set three targets for the company to achieve in the next five years.

He wants the publisher to rack up 1 million paid subscribers, up from about 200,000 now, and to reach 1 billion total unique visitors each month globally, compared to 375 million now.

Blodget also wants to double staff to 1,000 journalists and analysts.

He announced these goals in a staff meeting last Thursday, according to a report by Poynter.

Business Insider launched a hard paywall last year.

German publisher Axel Springer acquired the former Business Insider Inc. for $343 million in 2015.

The company rebranded to Insider Inc. in 2018. It is home to Business Insider, Insider and Markets Insider, and counts 170 million unique visitors across the globe.



Blodget told Poynter the company is diversifying its revenue streams. Now, about one-third of its revenue comes from advertising, one-third from subscriptions and one-third from data and research.

Axel Springer announced last summer it would combine Insider Inc. and another one of its properties, eMarketer Inc., under one group in 2020.

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