Fashion Retailer REVOLVE Employs Snap+Style Business To Drive Millennial, Gen Z Sales

Snap+Style Business (S+SB), a provider of a retail personalization platform, is collaborating with millennial fashion retailer REVOLVE Group Inc. to drive sales growth and customer styling, the firm announced on Friday.

The announcement comes in tandem with S+SB’s launch on Microsoft Azure.

S+SB offers such tools as Curated Campaigns, Visual Merchandiser, Snapbox, Stylist as a Service, StyleWidget and StyleWiz.

These provide fashion retailers with email styling capabilities and custom CRM tools. The firm has a team of on-call stylists.

S+SB’s curation engine, boosted by Microsoft Azure, provides REVOLVE's online stylists with visual data and access to a detailed customer profile, the company says.

REVOLVE largely serves millennial and Gen Z consumers.

“Powering our conversations and curation with Snap+Style Business’ product suite enables our Style Experts to respond faster to our shoppers with more precise product recommendations, deepening the connection to our customers at each interaction,” states said Jennifer Fan, director of customer retention at REVOLVE Group Inc. 

S+SB assists fashion clients by combining “digitized conversations, visual curation and a stylist’s editorial eye, in real time,” states Anna Jensen, co-founder and chief brand officer of S+SB.

These developments are part of a larger shift in retailing.

“With the ever-changing demands of the evolving retail landscape, it is imperative for brands to connect with the customer on a far more personalized and intuitive way," said Keith Mercier, general manager, Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft Corp.





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