Social-Video Platform Snibble Launches Feb. 1, Focuses On Enhanced Content-Ad Experience

Snibble, which bills itself as “the first premium social-video platform,” is promoting itself as a brand-safe environment that will up average engagement rates.

Snibble launches with iOS on February 1 and Android on April 2 in the U.S. and Canada.

The platform’s current partners include AP, Bloomberg, Daily Motion, Reuters, SendtoNews, Screenplay, Verizon Media, Video Elephant, Jukin and WatchMojo, CEO Blair Currie tells Media Daily News.

To enhance the value of its partners’ videos, Snibble will run only one, unskippable six-second pre-roll ad. Its target audience is Gen Zers and millennials.

Currie, the former CEO of Aegis Media in Japan and Korea, says he is recruiting ad partners, and has “strong connections with Dentsu, OMD, and Starcom. We will feature only top advertisers.”



Currie believes what differentiates Snibble are “principles, product and people. We are tripartide and give better value to viewers, content providers and advertisers alike,” he explains to MDN.

He also wants to make videos more accessible.

"Video platforms like YouTube don’t afford easy sharing, while social-media platforms don’t have quality videos,” says Currie. He adds that Snibble will make quality videos “dead easy to share.”

The Snibble twist, per Currie: “We’re ad guys who have made a technology platform, not tech guys who have made an advertising platform and don’t know how people react to advertising. Less is more. People like ads — but not too many and not ones that interrupt what they’re doing.”

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