New Malware Scam Pretends To Be Greta Thunberg Invite: Report

A new email phishing template is being used to deliver Emotet malware.

The bad actors send emails containing fake invites to a Greta Thunberg demonstration and to Christmas and Halloween parties, according to an article published on Monday in Bleeping Computer. 

The objective is to get victims to open an attached word document that will install the malware, the article continues.

From there, Emotet will use the infected computer to send malicious spam and install other malware, Bleeping Computer continues.

Emotet will then use the infected computer to send further malicious spam and to download and install other malware onto the device. 

The goal of all of these emails is to trick the recipient into opening an attached Word document that will attempt to download and install the Emotet malware onto the computer.



One such badly written email states: “You can spend Christmas Eve looking for gifts for children. They will tell you Thank you only that day. But the children will thank you all their lives if you come out for the biggest demonstration in protest in against the inaction of the government in connection with the climate crisis."

The email urges the recipient to “Support Greta Thunberg – Time Person of the Year 2019.” And it asks them to forward the email to colleagues and relatives.


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