Promised G Suite Add-Ons Are Now Being Rolled Out

Google has begun to roll out the G Suite Add-ons that it announced last year, effective Tuesday.

The add-ons allow users to execute workflows requiring third-party applications within G Suite, the company says in a blog post. 

The company says that Add-ons from SignEasy, WebEx, Workfront and Lucidchart will be available when the rollout is completed and can be installed from the G Suite Marketplace.  

In addition, firms can  build their own add-ons using Apps Script. The developer feature will be fully available in early February.

The Admins feature that allows users to install only whitelisted applications from the G Suite Marketplace will be available by default.

So will the End users function that allows users to install G Suite Add-ons using the “+” button in the G Suite quick access side panel, the firm says. 

The firm states that “you can install the Workfront add-on for quick access across Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive.”

It adds that the “G Suite Add-ons connect G Suite with third-party applications so you can work directly from the G Suite app you’re using, rather than toggling from one app to another. They also surface relevant information and suggest actions based on what you’re working on. 




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