Bloomberg's Political Spend Now At $258 Million

Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg continues to increase his media spending for his campaign, now at $258 million through January 18, according to Advertising Analytics -- the most money among all Presidential candidates.

Through January 13, Bloomberg was at $196.2 million.

Bloomberg's media spend has been largely with traditional media -- mostly local TV -- now at $225 million through Jan. 18.

Bloomberg has been also biggest digital media spender among all candidates -- now totaling $33 million. From January 12 through 18, he spent $7.7 million on Facebook and Google.

Among other Democratic candidates' total spending through January 13, Tom Steyer is at $123.8 million;, followed by Pete Buttigieg at $22.8 million; Bernie Sanders, $20.9 million; Elizabeth Warren, $14.1 million; Joe Biden, $10.1 million; Andrew Yang, $9.9 million; Amy Klobuchar, $6.0 million; Tulsi Gabbard, $3.4 million; John Delaney, $2.5 million; Michael Bennet, $2.4 million; and Deval Patrick, $267,000.



Total spending on the U.S. Presidential primaries so far was $35.7 million for the most recent reporting week.

Looking at total national TV airings since September 2019, Tom Steyer has run 8,239 national TV political commercials, while Bloomberg has 2,540; Biden, 18; Warren, 11; Buttigieg,10; Sanders, 5; and Klobuchar, 3, according to

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