Liveclicker Adds Geo-Prediction To Its Email Platform

Liveclicker, a provider of email personalization services for B2C marketers, has added geo-prediction to its platform.

The goal is to help email marketers "deliver more personalized messages to millions more subscribers, improving their customer experience, and increasing performance," states Kenna Hilburn, chief operating officer at Liveclicker.

The company says geo-prediction can improve the accuracy of limited-time offers and weather-based messaging.

To achieve geo-prediction, Liveclicker triangulates across different devices to determine an approximate location. The firm also conducts advanced analysis to predict location when the email providers fails to share that data, it says.

One client that has tried this analysis is fashion retailer Hot Topic. 

"We’re already seeing major KPI improvements with time-based targeted elements which help us increase click-through rates by 55% and grow conversion rates 10%,” states Faith Bukauskas, Senior Email Marketing Analyst for Hot Topic.

Bukauskas adds, “Now that we can anticipate when and where this previously unknown group of Gmail users are opening our emails, we'll be able to deliver the content and messaging that matters most right then and there.”





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