Super Bowl Marketers Holding Back Pre-Releasing Messaging

A week before the big NFL game, more marketers are holding back on releasing the big Super Bowl commercials.

Just 24 brands have released Super Bowl messaging -- commercials and/or ad teasers -- on a variety of platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, according to This totals some $13.5 million in media spend.

A year ago, over the same pre-Super Bowl time period, 40 brands pre-released Super Bowl creatives (with an $18.7 million spend). In 2018, the total was 36 brands ($38.8 million), with 49 in 2017 ($21.1 million) and 61 in 2016 ($22.9 million).

There have been a total of 319,270 social media actions from those 24 brands that have released commercials and/or ad teasers. While this is higher versus the two previous years (177,706 in 2019 and 108,610 in 2018), it is a fraction of the totals for 2016 (1.8 million) and 2015 (1.4 million).



Porsche and Doritos are two of the biggest Super Bowl marketers in terms of online views -- getting 4 million and 1.8 million views, respectively, for specific marketing content. This iSpot research comes from online views of Facebook and YouTube, where users requested a specific commercial.

This year an Amazon teaser ad featuring Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi has pulled in the most social actions so far -- 118,431.

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