Mark Penn: Impeachment Trial Is 'An Exercise In Political Rage'

Mark Penn got a big shout-out today from Donald Trump for comments he made on "Fox & Friends," declaring the ongoing impeachment trial “an exercise in political rage.” 

Penn, a former political consultant and now head of both MDC Partners and Stagwell Group, professed that his view wasn’t partisan, noting that he was against the impeachment of Bill Clinton, who he advised 20-plus years ago. 

“Unless it hits a super-high bar that the Constitution sets,” Penn said, the process is just bipartisan political babble that divides the country. “And where’s it going? Nowhere.” 

As for former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s unpublished book allegations, Penn essentially reiterated what Republicans have argued, which is that whatever Trump said didn’t stop Ukrainian aid going forward, thus no impeachable crime resulted. 

Many have taken issue with that view, of course, arguing  the aid was held up. And Trump made it clear before the aid was released, he wanted an announcement by Ukraine that it would launch an investigation into the Bidens. 



Penn stopped short of endorsing Trump, saying events leading up to the impeachment “may be something for voters to take into consideration in an election.” 

In response to his appearance on Fox, Trump tweeted “Mark Penn, Harris Poll: ‘It’s time to end the impeachment trial.’ @foxandfriends  Just another political Hoax by the Dems!”  Stagwell, which Penn heads, owns the Harris Poll.  

One responder wrote, “Replying to @RealDonaldTrump and @foxandfriends #FireTheMoronWhoHiredJohnBolton” 

Funny (and if only), but it looks like it will come down to the election in November. Any bets on whether sanity will prevail?

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  1. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited, January 30, 2020 at 4:11 p.m.

    Nostrovya !

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