Ruffalo Noel Levitz Offers New Email Engagement Tool For Campus Fundraisers

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL), a firm serving education fundraisers, has launched a platform designed to help campuses drive donor engagement through omnichannel outreach designed for smartphones.

The new offering, RNL Engage, enables analytics, email, texting, personalized video and calling, the company says. It is the successor to the company’s RNL CAMPUSCALL.

The goal is to help educational fundraisers ”evolve beyond the traditional siloed approach to phone, email, and texting and instead create a cohesive experience to fully engage donors and increase giving," states Josh Robertson, senior vice president of product strategy at RNL.

Robertson adds: "Donors expect personalized and relevant interactions with the companies and organizations they interact with every day.”

RNL Engage provides predictive modeling and prescriptive insights, the company says.  

In addition, the platform helps campuses create outreach campaigns, manage shifts for campus ambassadors, and integrate with their main CRM, it claims.

Campuses that partner with RNL or use the SaaS versions of RNL CAMPUSCALL will be upgraded. In addition, institutions can bring components of the platform online when needed.



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