DoubleVerify Offers Tool To Target Content In Over 100 Languages

To bolster brand safety and accuracy, DoubleVerify has created a new tool that allows global brands to target or block content in over 100 languages.

Through the new capabilities, users can choose the language content they want their advertising to appear next to, monitor and block ads from landing next to specific languages and create multiple language-specific keyword lists. The solution also impacts pre- and post-bid buying environments by extending protection and keyword lists to them.

The company began work on the solution after receiving feedback from global clients that wanted to ensure their language-specific ads were reaching the right audiences, while tapping into ways to create global keyword lists to target specific markets. One example involves the word “die,” which translates to “the” in German and “that” in Dutch, but carries a much different meaning in English.

According to DoubleVerify, advertisers from the pharmaceutical industry have been using the feature extensively to reach targeted, qualified audiences.



The solution serves both the publishing and advertising side.

Publishers can bring in more ads in the language that matches their site’s content, and as a result, drive yield through an increase in volume. Advertisers avoid blocking in non-language keywords, resulting in more relevant scale for their campaigns.

The new solution is available for desktop and mobile devices, across post-bid measurement and blocking and pre-bid through DoubleVerify’s Authentic Brand Safety targeting solution.

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