Email Video Messaging Tool Offered To Real Estate Sellers

CINC, a lead generation platform used by real agents and teams, has debuted a tool that facilitates video messaging.

Agents can now send videos via email and text from their CINC system, the company says.

"We designed video messaging to help CINC clients communicate the way they already do," states Eddie Rodriguez, director of product management for CINC.

Rodriguez adds that “consumers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video versus only 10% when that message is read in text. This is why we wanted to combine video texting and video emailing in one product to give agents the freedom to choose how they communicate.”

According to the company, the video messaging tool features an interface that allows agents to produce and send videos. In addition, it offers cross-platform functionality — it is available on desktop an mobile.

And, the solution supports multichannel communication — agents can send email and text from the interface. The tool also eliminates the need for multiple log-ins, CINC adds.  




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