iHeartMedia Introduces Podcast Ad Suite To Boost Marketing Capabilities

iHeartMedia is backing up its portfolio of podcast offerings with a new collection of performance indicators via its iHeartPodcast AdSuite. The suite was unveiled at Podfront LA 2020.

One concern when mixing advertising with podcasts is the potential to interfere with the listener experience. Research, however, has shown that people who listen to more than five podcasts a week tend to appreciate the support offered by advertising during their favorite shows.



The AdSuite collects a selection of ad formats and customization tools to help advertisers reach audiences in targeted and scalable ways, while maintaining a quality listening experience.

The suite includes six new products.

Marketers can glean a snapshot of listener analytics, such as audience insights and profiles, consumption and engagement metrics, and delivery reporting from platforms across the iHeartPodcast Network through the AdSuite Insights tool. Advertisers can gain added traction through the DSAI+LAI product, which allows advertisers to target audiences and serve customized real-time spots across local podcast networks.

The iHeartPodcast Boost allows podcasters to achieve maximum exposure across the iHeartMedia network by broadcasting on radio stations in the form of full episodes, custom-produced vignettes, branded host-read spots and promotions.

Advertisers can lock in the first ad placement across every iHeartPodcast for a day through its iHeartPodcast TakeOver. The Storytellers tool creates personalized ads to run across extended midrolls, custom episodes or fully branded series.

Finally, advertisers can partner with popular podcast talent to promote a brand across a show, social media, video and live tours to better connect with fans and listeners.

The iHeartPodcast Network claims more than 750 original podcasts and over 150 million downloads each month.

“As the podcast industry continues to evolve and capture massive consumer attention, advertisers and brands are looking for tools and products to capture and measure the impact. They are often left without a system for quantitatively monitoring the success, impact and reach of podcast advertising,” stated Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network.

“We are meeting this challenge head on, offering a new suite of cutting-edge podcast ad products – from better targeting to boosted reach across broadcast radio – as well as pulling together performance and insights across the multiple platforms where we reach audiences.”

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