Email Service Claims It Is Being Blocked By Russia

Tutanota, an encrypted email service that last week said AT&T was blocking its email in parts of the U.S., now claims it is being blocked in Russia. 

The German-based Tutanota alleges that it is listed in the registry of blocked sites and that Russia seeks to force all foreign internet service providers to give the government access to data and encryption keys pertaining to Russian citizens, BleepingComputer reports. 

Tutanota co-founder Matthias Pfau says Tutanota can be accessed via the Tor browser or a VPN.

He adds: "We have not been presented with an official reason for the blockage in Russia by the authorities," according to BleepingComputer.

Russia is also blocking the ProtonMail and StartMail services, BleepingComputer continues 

Last week, Pfau charged that mobile users in Chicago were unable to access their Tutanota accounts. He acknowledged that AT&T was trying to resolve the issue.

AT&T released this statement: "We have resolved a communication problem between Tutanota’s internet provider and our network that affected some mobile customers’ ability to access the e-mail site.  There was never any blocking."





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