Conservative Sites: Examiner Continues To Ascend, Fox News Continues To Dominate

The Washington Examiner registered its 13th consecutive month of year-over-year (YOY) increases in unique visitors, according to TheRighting’s exclusive analysis of January 2020 mobile and desktop traffic based on Comscore data. 

The Examiner added 5.4 million more YOY unique visitors in January 2020 as traffic surged from 8,317,000 in January 2019, to 13,783,000 last month.  The last time The Examiner experienced a dip in YOY traffic was December 2018. had the most gains in unique visitors among all conservative websites for the month of January 2020 with 7.4 million.  The Washington Times generated YOY gains in unique visitors, for the 16th time in the past 17 months. TheBlaze, which had posted consecutive YOY traffic increases since September 2018, saw its unique visitors drop 34%, its first YOY decrease in 16 months.   



“Almost all major conservative digital news outlets fared well in January 2020 as audiences flocked to websites for the latest news and opinions on the impeachment process, the leak from the John Bolton book and updates on the spread of the coronavirus,” states Howard Polskin, president of TheRighting.  “As the primary season heats up and we swing into the summer Republican and Democrat conventions and the fall election, I expect unique visitors to conservative websites to keep rising throughout 2020.”  

Among the three leading U.S. mainstream news brands, CNN attracted 16.5 million more unique visitors in January 2020 compared to January 2019 for a +13% change; The New York Times was up 9.5 million unique visitors (+10%); and The Washington Post increased by 1.3 million unique visitors (+2%). 

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