61% Say Pace Of Change In Technology Is Too Fast: Study

A majority of employees are worried about job loss due to automation, according to a new global study by Edelman.

Many consumers worry that technology is out of control, with 61% saying the pace of change in technology is too fast and 66% worry that technology will make it impossible to know if what people are seeing or hearing is real.

The study comprised a survey of 34,000 adults in 28 markets conducted.

The majority (57%) are concerned that the media they use is contaminated with untrustworthy information.

While 53% worry about job loss due to automation, knowledge of emerging technology is not high.

Most (67%) say they know nothing or a little about artificial intelligence or robotics, 68% about driverless cars and 76% of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Nearly half (45%) of consumers agree their employer has been successful it its use of technology for creating process efficiencies and reducing costs and 44% in improving customer service.

“The trend of eroding trust in the technology sector continues,” states Sanjay Nair, global technology chair of Edelman.
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