Valimail Offers Free DMARC Visibility Tool

Valimail is rolling out a free, cloud-based tool for viewing DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). 

The new service, DMARC Monitor, provides visibility into email sending services. 

Built on Vailmail’s Helios engine, DMARC Monitor provides data from DMARC reports in a dashboard format.  

DMARC is an industry standard that gives domain owners control over who can send email from their domain, the company says. “Valimail’s position is that visibility into your own infrastructure should be free,” states Tim Moore, general manager for Valimail DMARC Monitor.

Moore adds that “DMARC provides domain owners with a wealth of raw data.” However, they have had difficulty interpreting that data “either on their own or using first-generation DMARC utilities,” he says.

This shows “there’s a real need for a visibility solution that actually provides meaningful information and not just a list of IP Addresses that still need correlation,” Moore adds.





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