Shoppers And Stores Do Not Line Up On Personalization: Study

Personalized service is a prime factor for determining where to shop for 72% of consumers, according to enVista’s 2020 Personalization Special Report. 

But only 34% of retailers say personalization is a top priority. 

In addition, 74% of consumers indicate that personalized promotions and discounts from an associate would prompt them to choose the store over one that doesn’t offer promotions. Again, however, only 35% of retailers have succeeded in implementing this capability.

Moreover, 72% of shoppers are likely to choose stores that offer these rewards based on loyalty. But only 32% of merchants offer personalized rewards based on customer loyalty. 

“As consumers 'check-in' on retailers' e-commerce and mobile sites, they typically receive automated, personalized offers and recommendations based on their previous purchase and browsing history,” states enVista CEO Jim Barnes. 

Yet most shoppers are “still anonymous prior to checkout in the store, so they don’t receive the same level of personalized service and recommendations that they do online. Personalization is an area of opportunity for retailers,” Barnes adds. 



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