BounceX Is Rebranding As Wunderkind

BounceX, a SaaS technology provider that helps firms identify unknown visitors to their websites, is rebranding itself as Wunderkind, effective March 18.

The move comes as the company has reached $100 million in annual recurring revenue and raised over $75 million in funding to date, it says. The name change is part of a larger “up-branding” initiative, it adds. 

The company clams that it boosts response to behaviorally triggered emails.

Founded in 2012, BounceX is helps clients be “one-to-one instead of one-to-many, giving consumers an experience that’s aligned with their preferences,” states Ryan Urban, CEO of BounceX.

Urban adds: “Our new name and positioning will help us reinforce our continued mission of ending spam-and-slam marketing.”

On tap for this year are integrations for new channels and product discovery tools designed to influence customers earlier in the shopping journey, the firm says.


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