Amstel Activation Hacks Sao Paulo Carnival Parades

The official beer sponsor of the Carnival parades in São Paulo last week was AB InBv beer brand Skol.  But revelers who looked hard enough with the help of some geo-targeted mobile hints, could find some Amstel (the Heineken brand) hidden in plain sight thanks to an activation by Wunderman Thompson Brasil.

The agency created “hidden fridges” that were strategically placed amidst the parades.  People who were near the parades received geolocated posts, inviting them to look for three coolers designed  to look like a vase, a public telephone and a park bench.

"Brazil's street carnival is hugely diverse in terms of people, but not so much in terms of beer. We tried to get around this monopoly in a fun and playful way that resonates with the brand," agency creative director Nicolás Romanó.

The activation is part of a broader campaign for Amstel during Carnival season and includes 30 digital films, costume panels, sCan, and after-parties.



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