BBDO WFH App Lets Staffers Launch 'Mini Offices' Worldwide

BBDO’s new Your Home  app invites working-from-home employees to "launch their own BBDO office" by typing their address and generating an official BBDO + THEIR HOME ADDRESS logo. 

Workers can select among hundreds of logos, all with the message: "We are all at BBDO, wherever we are. Stay safe."

Some bugs are still being worked out. “It’s a work-in-process,” explains an agency representative.

The idea originated at the New York office, but there was an outpouring of interest from other BBDO offices that wanted to involved.  The code was quickly revised to bring the idea to scale across the global network.

Another likely update will expand the accessibility to multiple screens. It is currently only available in desktop-only mode. The agency first prioritized this specific configuration because all of its people have access to their laptops from home, and that is also where they will be able to most easily update their signatures.



As the website explains, “We know these are difficult times, and working from home can be a challenge. (Heck, even buying toilet paper seems daunting these days.) But, if we all work together, we’ll get through this. With equal parts smart thinking, hard work, and humor, plus a decent WiFi connection, we can boost each other. Help our clients. And come out stronger on the other side. Thank you for making your home a little part of BBDO."

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