Launches Attribution For OTT/CTV Advertisers

During these challenging times, advertisers need to ensure that ad budgets perform at their best. An OTT/CTV attribution feature released by this week directly measures the effectiveness of the ads in near real-time, enabling advertisers to directly attribute online browser-based conversions to their OTT/CTV campaigns, including those ads that are served on televisions.

“We recognize that advertisers are in uncharted territory, and business needs are shifting,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO and co-founder of “Keeping revenue flowing is key to operating during a down-cycle. Advertising is an important way to maintain and grow revenue and it will be essential for advertisers to be able to measure against online actions.”

The feature is geared toward direct-to-consumer and ecommerce marketers because it gives them a way to measure performance and optimize the delivery of their ads based on how they drive online purchases, subscription sign-ups, and other online transactions.



Advanced targeting methods continue to drive’s rapid growth in OTT/CTV while supporting addressable, behavioral, and demographic targeting. 

The announcement builds on’s attribution capabilities and joins the company’s existing online-to-offline foot traffic functions. Last year, the company executed more than 26,000 OTT/CTV campaigns for around 7,500 unique advertisers. The move enabled the company to bring advanced OTT/CTV advertising capabilities to all types of advertisers.

With the ability to serve OTT/CTV ads to all eligible U.S. households,’s advanced attribution capabilities bring new measurement and reporting to advertisers looking to understand the effectiveness of their TV advertising, whether it is driving prospects and customers to physical locations or attributing online conversions to their ad buys.

Combining online and physical in-store attribution gives advertisers an understanding of how well their OTV/CTV advertising campaigns and messages in the ads perform.

“I can’t say for certain what their message should or shouldn’t be as every advertiser is unique, but our message here at is that we are here to help advertisers in every way that we can,” he said. “We are working from home and self-isolating to try to keep our communities safe. Hopefully by working together we can also minimize the economic impact of this outbreak.”

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