4As: Consumers Want To Hear How Brands Are Responding To COVID-19 Crisis

A 4As' research survey last week of 1,000 consumers looking at changing consumer attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic found that 43% of respondents said it’s “reassuring” to hear from brands they know and trust, while 40% want to hear what brands are doing in response to the health crisis. 

Only 15% said they do not want to hear from brands at this time. 

Consumers 50+ said they believed increased cleaning procedures are the most important information brands can communicate. 

With many states and communities now imposing “shelter-at-home” policies (or strongly encouraging such policies), the survey found that nearly half of respondents are not going out to eat ,while about one-quarter are ordering food delivery and takeout. 

And 44% said they are not comfortable going outside for nonessential items, while 37% are buying items online and not going in-store. 

When asked the types of products people intend to purchase in the next 30 days, food, household supplies, beauty/personal care, and medical/healthcare products are high on the list. Options like entertainment, craft products, and streaming exercise classes ranked lower. 

The survey was conducted March 18 using the real-time market research platform Suzy.




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