Sponsors Say Olympics Postponement Not Definite

The International Olympic Committee has decided to postpone the Olympics -- likely to 2021, according to USA Today.

But several large sponsors were hesitant to comment, since the IOC as a whole has not "officially" decided to postpone. 

International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound told USA Today that details will be worked out in the next four weeks.

“On the basis of the information the IOC has, postponement has been decided,” Pound said in a phone interview. “The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on July 24, that much I know.”

This contradicts a letter written yesterday to athletes by IOC President Thomas Bach which said the decision had not been made but would be finalized within the next four weeks.



Several sponsors say an official decision has not been made, despite what Pound told the newspaper. 

“At this time, the IOC and Games organizers are still considering different scenarios for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and no official decision has been made," says Amber Holm, vice president of marketing, Bridgestone Americas. "We’re monitoring the situation very closely and continuing our preparations across a variety of contingency plans.... As we receive additional clarity on plans and recommendations from the IOC, Games organizers, government officials and global leaders, we’ll adjust our activities and look for creative solutions, as necessary.”

Coca-Cola declined to comment on how its ad plans might be affected by a postponement. "The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organizing Committee are managing decisions about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games," a Coca-Cola spokesperson said. "As the longest standing sponsor of the Olympic Games, we are in constant communication with them and we fully support their commitment to deliver a safe event."

Toyota Motor America, which confirmed earlier this year that it was planning a huge global ad campaign tied to the Olympics, also said a decision by the IOC is still pending. 

"We continue to closely monitor the situation and understand it is rapidly evolving," a Toyota North America spokesperson says. "At this time we have no further comment as we understand the IOC has not made a decision as of yet.”

Visa said the health and well-being of all involved in the Games should be a driving factor surrounding any decision.

"As a global partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, Visa welcomes the International Olympic Committee’s announcement to step up scenario planning for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020," a Visa spokesperson says. "We have full confidence that the relevant organizing bodies will take the necessary measures to come to the best determination."

Bach told athletes Sunday that the committee is "working very hard, and we are confident that we will have finalized these discussions within the next four weeks.”

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