Microsoft Advertising Adds More Pages To Redesigned Platform

One day ahead of Microsoft Advertising’s Elevate virtual conference, the company announced expanded features in its redesigned advertising platform.

The preview now includes search terms, change history, reports, dimensions, and more.

Microsoft has expanded it to help multi-account advertisers improve their navigation and organization of features. For the first time, advertisers can manage multiple accounts more efficiently.

Microsoft in October 2019 invited marketers to beta the new design. Since then it made the Manager Account Overview dashboard the new default landing page for multi-account users. The redesigned view has the ability for marketers to customize the tiles to analyze the performance of campaigns against goals. It requires fewer clicks.

You will be able to easily discover quick insights across your accounts through data snapshots and visualizations in four tiles: Performance, Top changes: Accounts, Accounts and Devices.



Performance feature shows the trend lines of how accounts do over the selected date range, allowing the viewing of accounts’ spend, clicks, conversions and impressions, and more across time. These data points allow marketers to quickly recognize patterns and trends.

Accounts show a partial list of the accounts’ spend, clicks, impressions, and click-through rate. The device shows how accounts do when displaying an overview of the devices' key metrics such as clicks, impressions, and spend — all in the same place to provide a quick glance.

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