Cannes Lions Wants To Hear Your Inspiring COVID-19 Marketing Story

Cannes Lions is collecting stories of how agencies and marketers are responding creatively to the COVID-19 crisis and curating them on an open-access microsite.

Simon Cook, managing director, Cannes Lions revealed the initiative in an “open letter” thoughtfully delivered right to my inbox.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve spoken to many members of the global community who have shared fascinating stories of invention, collaboration and compassion,” Simon wrote. “Stories about how creativity is working overtime right now, to respond to rapidly changing consumer behavior, evolving circumstances and periods of extended isolation, or to create positive change.”

Everybody in the creative community with an inspiring story to tell is invited to submit at the site.



“Whether you’re a brand pivoting to make hand sanitizers, a platform providing mental well-being content or a company ‘building the plane as it’s flying’ to adapt to the changing world, the creative community wants to hear about your brilliant insights and realizations.”

The group will also be releasing relevant “classic talks” from festivals past, along with Lion-winning work and “helpful insights and intelligence on the evolving situation.”  

The main idea is to provide “useful content and inspiring ideas to remind everyone of the power of creative possibility.”

No doubt, we can all use a good dose of inspiration in these trying times.


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