Volkswagen Launches 'Community-Driven Promise'

Volkswagen of America is the latest automaker to offer help to customers impacted by COVID-19.

Volkswagen's “Community-Driven Promise” program provides 90 days of payment assistance for current customers. New buyers can defer the first payment up to 180 days, combined with interest-free financing for up to 72 months on most new models.

The automaker is also offering lease extensions up to six months and waiving past maturity fees in certain circumstances. The program is set to run through April 30.  

Volkswagen will launch an ad campaign in English and in Spanish to raise awareness of the promise. The English language spot was created by Johannes Leonardo, while Creative on Demand developed the Spanish one.



The appropriately somber ad features voiceovers from dealers across the country commenting on how life has changed since the pandemic began. The imagery includes empty restaurants, factories and classrooms. 

“If you recently bought a Volkswagen, and are worried about your next payment, or if you were planning on buying and are concerned it’s not the right time, we’re here to help,” according to the voiceover. 

Volkswagen and VCI will also provide additional support to its more than 600 independent dealers, including a pick-up and delivery program to help customers who want to practice social distancing, but still need their vehicles brought to a participating dealership for service.

Dealers will accept digital signatures from customers for transactions such as warranty claims.

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