Minneapolis Agency Makes Takeout Experience A Little Safer (And Sponsor-Friendly)

People may be sheltering at home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going out for brief walks or for necessary trips, like getting something to eat via the takeout route.

And Minneapolis-based experiential marketing agency Street Factory Media has devised a clever way to make those trips a little safer for restaurants and their customers. Added bonus: Sponsorship opportunities.

The agency, usually busy producing marketing installations for national and international clients—the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and Impossible Foods to name just a few--has created a modular kiosk it has dubbed the “Safe Serve Door System.”

SFM co-founder Matt Kelly says the agency would have come up with a funnier name, but time was of the essence and safety was the priority.

The kiosks limit foot traffic to outside the restaurant, and make transactions contact-free. In addition, each kiosk is designed so that when “normal” life resumes it can be repurposed as a sampling station at future events. 



SFM designed the kiosk with local restauranteurs Sarah Schrank and her husband, musician and rapper Andrew Sims who own a place called Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery.

“There’s also opportunity for other industries to support Safe Serve Door Systems,” says Kelly. “We are already in conversation with brands to sponsor these for restaurant partners and use them as advertising vehicles.  Local shops like liquor and convenience stores, or other essential businesses that are remaining open, can also implement this system for the same purpose.” 

So, to recap, safer transactions for restaurants and customers and sponsorship opportunities for other businesses that continue to serve their communities.

What a great combination.  No funny name needed.

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