Covering Climate Now Members Can Access Reuters' Climate Reporting Free

Reuters is offering members of Covering Climate Now access to its bank of climate-change related content, including text, pictures, video and graphics. Members have access to both new and archived material.

That coverage includes a data visualization of global plastic bottle consumption and profiles of people striving to contribute to climate science.

In addition to its editorial content, Reuters is also offering members access to an online report available on Reuters Connect that is updated daily. The report includes multimedia coverage across topics such as policy, regulation, energy, research and weather through an environmental lens in ready-to-publish pieces.

The content is available now through Earth Day, April 23.

Covering Climate Now is group of more than 400 news outlets and was co-founded by Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation. Reuters joined the initiative in December of 2019 to backup its commitment to climate change coverage.

“Earth Day represents a significant moment for organizations around the world to shine a light on the climate crisis and its impact on society,” stated Sue Brooks, Head of Product Development & Agency Strategy at Reuters.

Brooks added Reuters move to make its climate coverage available ahead of Earth Day “will make this important issue more accessible to their audiences and draw on Reuters deep coverage to ensure climate change remains on the agenda, even during these difficult times.”

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