Local TV News Sees Sharp Growth In March Among Young Viewers, Rise In Viewers Overall

Local TV news viewing continues to rise among young TV viewers, as well as overall TV users.

In March of this year, viewing impressions of local TV newscasts among 18- to-34-year-olds increased 162% versus March 2019 in the top 25 Nielsen markets across ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, Telemundo and Univision affiliates, according to the TVB, the local TV advertising trade group.

At the same time, viewing impressions among adults 25 to-54 -- the main advertising-selling demographic -- also rose 78%.

The TVB says the 18-34 demo on broadcast TV has more reach, at 79%, compared to social media (63%) and cable TV (32%).

An earlier report from the TVB said local news grew 84% in the second week in March to 4.87 million 18-34 viewing impressions for Nielsen-measured live program-plus-one day of time-shifted viewing impressions across the top 25 markets Monday to Friday, versus the same period a year ago.



Local TV news viewing was also 52% higher in the first week in March to 4.22 million viewers.

Looking specifically at higher evening local TV newscasts, Monday to Friday evening news shows were up 106% in the second week in March (2.72 million) and 67% more in the first week in March (2.33 million).

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