Uber Connect Launches For Consumer-to-Consumer Package Shipments

Companies continue to modify their business models to accommodate the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Uber is adding services for families and friends to send packages to each other with a new Uber Connect feature added to the Uber app.

The option, available in more than 25 cities, allows for the same-day deliveries of packages that could range from toilet paper to board games for a fee, similar to the way Uber rides are charged.

The ride-hailing company also launched Uber Direct, a service for retailers and manufacturers to use Uber for internal and customer deliveries.

“Shoppers can now place orders from select retailers and get their items delivered right to their doorstep, without contact,” states an Uber blog post.

This is not the only extension or modification of business to accommodate the pandemic.

Last week, autonomous driving company started a contactless, last-mile delivery service with ecommerce platform company Yamibuy.

Products from Los Angeles-based Yamibuy are being delivered in the vehicles through mid-summer to help address the swell in demand due to COVID-19.

Services that started for a particular market or intention and morphing to accommodate the current reality.

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