Braze Enhances Platform, Partners With Movable Ink

Braze has enhanced its customer engagement platform with new product features while forming a partnership with Movable Ink and expanding an existing relationship with Snowflake. 

The partnership with Movable Ink, a visual experience platform, will facilitate the sending of personalized visuals via email, push and in-app messages, the company says.

Braze is also providing Multimedia Messaging Service support to help users send messages containing pictures and GIFs. 

The expanded arrangement with Snowflake, a cloud data platform, will help brands monitor engagement and other data, it says.  

Joint customers of the two companies can now extend Braze data into Snowflake without maintenance to achieve a unified view of the customer, Braze says. 

In addition, Braze is offering these features: 

  • Retention Reports help marketers understand user behavior and campaign impact on retention via the Braze dashboard.
  • Canvas allows users to sync their own user data from Braze to Facebook via Custom Audiences.
  • Content Cards are persistent content delivered with an app or web experiences. This capability allows brands to reach out to customers who have not yet subscribed to email or opted into push notifications and to conduct A/B testing. 



The goal of the new updates is to help firms “more easily and quickly unlock the insights necessary to create relevant and thoughtful experiences as customer expectations continue to evolve,” states Kevin Wang, senior vice president of product at Braze.



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