Zoom Fatigue: We Hate The Way We Look Tonight

For millions of suddenly marooned workers, there was a little thrill of excitement during early Zoom meetings. But seeing our true selves — badly lit faces as big as pie plates —is radically undermining our perceptions of how we look. And we don’t like what we see.

It’s hard not to be paranoid: Why are those Flamingo face-waxing ads targeting me? What are you saying? Huh? Huh? 

Revieve, a digital health and beauty company that provides AI and AR for such brands as Samsung and Shiseido, is seeing epic increases in consumers searching for solutions to problems like dark circles, up 458% in March, compared to the month before; visible pores, up 441%; and dull/tired skin, up 349%.  

“Watching the way people use Revieve provides a glimpse into what’s on people’s minds when they are staring at themselves in endless Zoom meetings,” says Dean DeBiase, chairman of Revieve, based in Chicago and Helsinki. “But it’s also giving us insight into what healthy skin means to them.”



Overall, he tells Marketing Daily that interest in skincare is up on the selfie skin-diagnostic platform, which has about 100,000 regular users in 20 countries. And not only is user engagement up, the number of people asking for a product recommendation and adding at least one product to their cart jumped sharply.

It confirms that even in these times of relentless video closeups, people’s interest in skincare is far more urgent than interest in makeup. “But it’s also about this trend toward personalization, and using your own device. There are thousands of skincare products for sale at Walmart,” DeBiase says. “People want ways to narrow the choices down to something manageable, like four.”

He thinks that even as social-distancing restrictions ease, consumers will remain committed to technology that helps them look better.

Execs at eSalon, the custom-hair color company, agree. A spokesperson says sales of first-time orders are six times higher.

The company acknowledges that plenty of women (and men) will scamper back to salons just as soon as they can.

Now that many have used the D2C brand as an option for salon-grade custom color, “some clients will stay with eSalon. In the past, these clients may not have even contemplated at-home color.  Once they achieve a good outcome, it is quite likely they will continue using the eSalon product.”

The big change will be a hybrid consumer, who may prefer salon results but is happy enough to color at home, either to save time or — in the looming recession — money. “Long term,” the spokesperson says, “we will see growth from this period.

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  1. Tony Jarvis from Olympic Media Consultancy, April 27, 2020 at 5:38 p.m.

    The seriously weak security on ZOOM has been reported by any number of reputable tech trade and consumer publishers.  The shareholders are even suing the company and it is banned by many large organisations worldwide including Google.  Cisco's WebEx (they have a free versiosn that has most of the options) and Go To Meeting have been reported as significantly safer; are easy to use; and offer great quality. 
    So why put your data and all your contacts at risk???  This headline shoud be adjusted immediately and a note of warning regarding ZOOM shoud be added!

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